is the Only Solution for Africa's Future

Liberate Africa

from Corruption

Divine Blessings

Divine Permission Has Been Granted
Senegalese Salvation

Through the Divine Blessings of Sheik Ahmed Tijan, the Tijani Brotherhood, Sheik Malik Sy, the Tijania Brotherhood, Sheik Ahmadu Bamba, the Muride Brotherhood, Sheik Ibra Fall, the Baye Fall Movement, Sheik Muhamadu Laye, the Layen Brotherhood, Sheik Issa Laye, the Layene Brotherhood, Sheik Abdul Qadir, the Qadiri Brotherhood, Sheik Abdul Razzaq and the Qadiria Brotherhood; divine permission has been granted to liberate Africa from corruption. 3i has responded to this call with the most effective clone programming technology available to humanity and is ready for any and all Liberal political parties to join 3i in effecting Regime Change and Multiparty Democracy throughout Africa.


3i has developed five types of Liberalism for the purposes of effecting Regime Change and Multiparty Democracy throughout Africa:

  • Liberals @ Freedom | Opportunity | Responsibility
  • Libertarians @ Liberty | Dignity | Privacy
  • Liberal Dreamers @ Diversity | Utility | Fulfilment
  • Liberal Realists @ Subsidiarity | Innovation | Transparency
  • Liberal Optimists @ Radical | Progressive | Diligent

What kind of Liberals do we need?

There are five types of Liberals in the world. Liberals, Libertarians, Liberal Dreamers, Liberal Realists and Liberal Optimists. There is no such thing as a combination of Liberalism with Conservatism, of Liberalism with Socialism, of Liberalism with Nationalism, of Liberalism with Communism, of Liberalism with Workerism or of Liberalism with Theologicism. To construct such fallacies is to pander to the retarded flatulence of the theoretical “third way” between capitalism and communism, that is of the theoretical “middle ground” between Adam Smith and Karl Marx.

Freedom | Opportunity | Responsibility

Liberals, as defined by a long list of Liberal theorists, most of whom were too preoccupied by slavery to advocate for women’s rights; believe that personal freedom, personal opportunity and personal responsibility are the cornerstones of civilized society. Having said that, the Liberals of today will argue for a state of some sort, albeit not a grandiose state; distinguishing themselves from Libertarians whom consider the state an intrusion upon their precious Liberty. When Liberals speak of Opportunity, they specifically mean Equal Opportunity; not Unequal Opportunity. Telling someone who has nothing, knows nothing and has no self-esteem to compete against well-resourced professionals, experts in their fields all brimming with confidence is not Equal Opportunity. To say Liberals, believe in fair-play is an understatement. It is after all easy to win when you have all the cards, but how easy is it to win when each player only has one card? Ask a Liberal about Responsibility and the Liberal in question will no doubt respond that irresponsibility is easy, it makes no measure of a person; whereas Responsibility is difficult and well worth the effort.

Liberty | Dignity | Privacy

For a Libertarian the three ingredients of Liberty, Dignity and Privacy are the panacea for all of the ills of the world. Provided that there is no limitation on definition and provided that there is respect for Libertarianism that is distinct from Liberalism, the Libertarian will be happy with this mix of political principles. Liberty naturally demands the withering of the parental state, the nanny state, the granny state, the dole state, the upper guardian state, the thought-police state, the hand-over-your-freedom-we-own-you state, the military-junta state and the crony-kleptocratic state. Dignity distinguished human beings from animals, plants and things and demands that human beings be treated with respect more so than animals, plants and things. Privacy is the most valuable commodity in the world and for the Libertarian nothing is more important than Privacy, that is the private space for private actions – whether personal, business, intellectual or developmental, after all one should not have to drag their affairs into the street to negotiate the bounds of which with others.

Diversity | Utility | Fulfilment

Liberal Dreamers are people who treasure the unique individuality of each person, believing that each unique human being has something valuable to contribute to society and that the Diversity of individuals, the very plurality of personality must be tolerated and encouraged. Liberal Dreamers believe that everything has a purpose, has a usefulness and has Utility. It is therefore the task of everyone to find the Utility in their life that is served by their life. Liberal Dreamers focus on the Fulfilment of potential, the realization of one’s self-worth and the achievement of ambitions. Liberal Dreamers are the ones whom come to Liberalism for the inclusivity but stay for the individuality.

Subsidiarity | Innovation | Transparency

Liberal Realists are highly aware of the shortfalls of government and choose to consider the handy implement, the tool of Subsidiarity or government as close to the people as possible, as a safeguard against these shortcomings. If your local municipality was wholly responsible for the provision of all public services that you required then it would be easier to hold them to account for the provision of public services than to hold the national or provincial government to account. Liberal Realists take the issue of Innovation seriously believing that Innovation is the key to achieving freedom. Above all else, Liberal Realists demand Transparency in all matters pertaining to the state, the government and the republic so as to hold the matters of the public sphere to a high standard of excellence.

Radical | Progressive | Diligent

Liberal Optimists actually feel that all is not lost with the world, that crises like poverty, injustice and climate change can be resolved to the satisfaction of the whole world not just some people. They are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is taken as the all of everything, demonstrating Radical thinking and espousing Radical ideas that change the nature of the debate and the set of solutions at hand. Liberal Optimists are Progressive in their approaches to solving problems, seeking inclusivity at all times so as to give real effect to the rule of law. Most of all though, they are Diligent in their activities, never straying from the path of Liberalism to get co-opted by the opponents of Liberalism. This means that while Liberal Optimists hold out hope for a better future for everyone, they actually work very hard to achieve that better future at all times.